News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

| November 5, 2018

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

It was wonderful to hear the feedback from the Model United Nations (MUN) our students attended in Bali last weekend.  MUN is an educational simulation and academic activity where students demonstrate diplomacy, international relations and negotiating skills as they work collaboratively to address global issues. This is excellent practice for the students as it forces them to develop global perspectives while testing their language and organisational skills. We will be hosting the first ever Sekolah Ciputra round of the Model United Nations later this month. We envisage this student-led event will grow and develop over the years.

The alignment to our school mission was also evident in the great work that groups of our senior CAS students did with 28UILD (to build) and Garda Pangan. We are proud to have students who care not only for their own academic performance, but also for those who are less fortunate than themselves. Their commitment is inspirational.

Finally, congratulations go to everyone who was involved with the Elementary Cross Country. While the day was hot, all participants contributed to what was an outstanding occasion. No one could question the commitment of the participants and it was great to see a number of parents and teachers joining in the run.

Have a great week!

Martin Blackburn