Entrepreneur hubSC

| October 16, 2018

On 18 October 2018, PYP 4 students are holding their Sekolah Ciputra Kidpreneur Fair. During the day, our students will open their businesses on the BBC to supply their goods and services to our school community. Each child has the chance to win one of five entrepreneurship workshops which culminates in selling a product in Lenmarc Mall in December. It is a prize valued at Rp500,000 each and will be decided in part by representatives of the school-wide Leadership team and Ciputra Group board members. The prize demonstrates how we can “Embrace the Spirit” of entrepreneurship, through partnerships to extend our students beyond the curriculum. This is also the goal of the new Entrepreneur hubSC, to support and expand entrepreneurship at Sekolah Ciputra. This is school-wide initiative, supported initially by the Entrepreneurship Committee. Any idea is welcome from any part of the school however. Please get in touch and share anyway we can future-ready our kids and “Embrace the Spirit”.

Kind regards,

Oliver “Ollie” Escott
Entrepreneurship Coordinator