Kidpreneur Expo

| October 15, 2018

On Wednesday, 10th October, PYP 4 held the Kidpreneur Expo. This is the summative assessment (or outcome that is evaluated) for the “How We Organise Ourselves” and “How We Express Ourselves” Units of Inquiry. During this time, students presented their business plan for a good, service or social cause to their parents, teachers and other elementary students, shared their business journal and promoted their business idea.

Students demonstrated their understanding of the process of taking a product from conception to marketing. It was a great idea to give students the opportunity to explain the process (the real learning) which they do not usually have on the day of the fair. The students impressed us with their detailed understanding and explanations of their business opportunity.

Also demonstrated during the Expo was the implementation of transdisciplinary skills, such as thinking skills, self-management skills and research skills through their own conducted survey and finding more information about the products and/or the services they are offering. It’s been a great learning experience for the PYP 4 students and their teachers. We are looking forward to putting the learning into action during the Kidpreneur Day, Thursday 18th October.