My Experience on Kidpreneur Day

| October 26, 2018

On the 18th October 2018, my friends and I from PYP 4 had the Kidpreneur Fair. During the day, as a group or individually, we turned our business plans into realities. I, myself worked together with Barry and Ray. We opened a business called “Soccer BAR”. We chose the name “Soccer” because it is our main theme and the word “BAR” stands for the first initials of our names (Barry, Austin, Ray). Soccer BAR sold drinks, snacks, and offered mini soccer games. Our promotion “Buy 3 items, Get 3 kicks free” managed to attract many customers to visit our Soccer BAR stall and buy our products. Our customers were students, teachers, parents, and visitors.

We were told that during Kidpreneur Day, there would be a panel of judges assessing us for the Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards. When the judges came to our stall, we tried to be very confident in explaining about how we got our ideas – at first my team and I all have different brainstorming ideas but we tried our best to come up with one integrated idea. We told the judges about the process of our business including our business plan and Kidpreneur journal. We also explained on what we did during the Kidpreneur Expo which included pre-order cards, brochures, menu, product testers, added values of our products, stall display and decorations.

I personally think Kidpreneur Day was a fun, hands-on, and valuable learning experience. This is because I learned real things about entrepreneurship and economic activity. I learned how to do a survey for market research, calculate cost price to determine selling price, product testing, serve customers, persuade customers to buy our products, calculate fast and correctly for changing money, and profit calculations.

Austin Ace Chen – PYP 4B