News from the Executive Principala��s Desk

| April 16, 2018
Dear Parents,


Grade 12 UNAS exams finished last week and this is the final week before Diploma Examinations. This is the defining moment in studentsa�� academic careers to date and as such is both an exhilarating yet stressful process. Our students will be briefed again on academic honesty and also in preparing oneself effectively for an examination. There is an important message on academic honesty in the parent section on the website (important notices) and the final presentation will also get posted in the workshop section. I hope our students results reflect the hard work both they and their teachers have put in.


The Elementary school is holding Charity Week this week which is a great opportunity for our students to think about the needs of others and help develop a social conscience. Thanks to the on-going support of the Parent Support Group we also celebrate both KartiniA�Day and Culture DayA�on Friday. This helps add an international flavour to the school mix.


Finally, I am looking forward to the inaugural football gameA�between our school team and our alumniA�on the 26th. A fantastic way to developA�links between past students and the school.


Have a good week


Martin Blackburn
Executive Principal