News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

| September 12, 2018

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

I am delighted that we have completed our MAP and Callido testing that I discussed in last week’s news. It was a mammoth undertaking and we look forward to getting good quality information to help us improve our programmes. 

Congratulations to Regina Felicia in Grade 7 who won the National Dance Sport Competition in Medan and Alvaro Vincent Wijaya who won a gold medal in a mathematics competition. Our primary goal is to extend every student and to challenge them to succeed at the next appropriate step. Obviously though it is always great to see students achieving at a national and international level.  

On this note, I am very pleased to report the work being done in the High School to improve the quality of college applications. We have always enjoyed success with placements in good universities.  However this year, thanks to the hard work of Mr Rob, Ms Ria and their teams, we are taking the process to the next level which will help our students present themselves effectively on an international stage.  

Have a great week.
Martin Blackburn
Executive Principal