| November 7, 2018

On Wednesday, 31stOctober, PYP 5 students presented their own invention/innovation, as their summative project during “How The World Works” unit of inquiry, in form of visual presentation.  During this event, they presented their description, sketch/design and their model of invention/innovation We invited PYP 3 and 4 students and teachers to visit their invention and innovation gallery in the PYP 5 corridor and they gave feedback to one invention or innovation project which is interesting or inspired them by writing a short comment in a post it note then stuck it in the invention project or design.

Not only were students and teachers came, we also invited PYP 5 parents to visit the students’ gallery to give feedback. We also opened opportunities for further action from parents to make students’ invention or innovation ideas into real products. From this invention and innovation gallery event we got lots of positive feedback from students, teachers and parents which are meaningful for PYP students as young inventor or innovator.