PYP-B : A trip to the Fire Station

| October 11, 2018

Recently PYP B students were privileged to be able to make a visit to the Wiyung Fire Station. The students are currently studying jobs and occupations, and are particularly interested in the kinds of skills and knowledge that people need for the jobs that they do, and also how those jobs benefit the wider community. What better place to go than the local fire station!

The students were treated to a wonderful morning by the hospitable firefighters. They were informed about the kinds of tools the firefighter used, and the kinds of equipment needed to stay safe when they are fighting fires. There were some highlights, including an opportunity for the students to pose with the firefighters on the front of a real fire truck! And some students also had the opportunity to manage the fire hose, and feel what it is really like to handle all that water! Firefighters have to be very strong, they have to stay fit, and they have to know how to operate all the equipment.

All too soon the morning was over and it was time to return to school. We are very grateful to the brave firefighters at the Wiyung Station for entertaining us, and teaching us about their work.