Grade 11 Enterprise Class

| September 10, 2018

Enterprise class is a pilot project class designed for Grade 11 SBDP students this academic year.

Each fortnight, students are guided in an experiential learning through enterprise experience and challenged  to develop and run a start up. The school will provide seed money @ idr 5,000,000 for each group of students to support their start up. The class also collaborates with another subject to equip students with relevant information related to that subject.

Students learn market research in Sociology, balancing sheets in Economics, designing a flow chart in Design and writing a business plan in Indonesia.

Visiting Koridor, a Co-working Space, is one of the activities students did to introduce them to the facility built by the Surabaya local government to support young start up’s. Students are also introduced to a digital based start up community in Surabaya.

Surabaya encourages young people to have creative start up ideas.