A Week without Walls

Another Sekolah Ciputra High School Camp Week is ‘in the books’ and, while we may have an eye on our Term 1 Holiday (5-13 October), I think it’s important to take a moment to consider the specific joys and struggles of the past few months, culminating in the Camp Week our students and staff have just experienced. As I pause to reflect on it all, my heart is full of gratitude for all of our camp chaperones and organisers (High School staff, Sekolah Ciputra security, Pak Eka, Bu Nita & Bu Eva Mai  from the High School Admin. Office, and our individual camp event organisers), for our students and particularly for you, our parents who entrusted your children to us.

To our dynamic Grade Level Managers (GLMs): Bu Niken [Grade 7], Pak Iven [Grade 8], Bu Dyah [Grade 9], Pak Angelus [Grade 10], Pak Diko [Grade 11] & Pak Bayu [Grade 12] who worked tirelessly in preparing for Camp Week to provide your children with an incredible camp experience – thank you! To the rest of our staff who  gave their best, in support of our GLMs, helping forge new challenges and new successes – they were energized, they were exhausted, they were inspiring, they were inspired. They were interested in your children, invested in them and committed to knowing what made each one tick and how to connect in meaningful ways. I am grateful for each one’s dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm. To our students who tried their hardest, contributed in a positive way and who are the reason we do what we do – thank you! Your children were engaged and engaging, open to trying new things and ready to get down and dirty, appreciating the many gifts that nature has to offer.

Among other things, Camp Week is designed so that our students acquire an increase in confidence, a deeper connection to nature, and a greater sense of their own independence. The wonderful thing about our Camp Week programme is that it’s more than just an opportunity to leave behind the confines of the classroom for a week. It’s an experience that becomes a part of who each child is – it’s learning and growing, having the strength and courage to stretch and be flexible and explore the world. When your child participated in the many camp activities, they weren’t only building their athletic prowess – they were learning to be a good sport and a team player. When your child tried brand new activities like archery or rappelling or climbing Mt Ijen, they not only learned to take a step out of their comfort zone but also built up their reserves of confidence and resolve, so that when they once again finds themselves in a new and overwhelming situation, they’ll remember that they’re brave enough to take that first step. Alongside our staff, your children celebrated their successes and learned from their mistakes.  And to our camp parents who trusted, supported, and encouraged us along the way – thank you! We absolutely could not do this without you.

My hope for each of our students is that they will not only remember their camp experiences with fondness but that they’ll build upon them, continuing to take charge and go for it, learn from mistakes, set goals and pursue them and enjoy the company of new acquaintances who quickly become friends. And of course, I hope that all of our students will nurture a love for the outdoors and an appreciation that there is so much to investigate and explore in this world we live in.

Terry Swain

High School Coordinating Principal