Anthony Utomo

Sekolah Ciputraa��s alumni are an important part of the school and we love to hear about previous studenta��s journeys.

Anthony reflects on his time at Sekolah Ciputra as being a very positive experience in a supportive learning environment. He particularly highlights the out of class activities, including trips with Global Jaya students in Jakarta, a student orientation trip to Wonosalam and a homestay in Warragul, Australia. a�?This helped me to gain a competitive edge as a student, to be aware of the surroundings outside the school and open up my paradigm as a global citizena�?. Encapsulating the school motto; a�?In school not only to learn, but also to livea�?.

Anthony graduated from Sekolah Ciputra in 2003 and headed off to University in Seattle to embark on further education. It was the first time he had been absent from home for a substantial amount of time. Fortunately Sekolah Ciputra had prepared him for pre-college activities like essays and public speaking, so he didna��t have major problems in the technical academic activities. However, as you may know, for many students including Anthony, leaving your hometown is not an easy thing, especially where the surroundings are totally different, like in the USA. Having said that, his high school and college time was to be a life changing experience. During those 5-6 years, Anthony founded values and experience that resonate in his life today. After graduating in 2006, he headed back to Surabaya.

Anthony is currently leading Utomodeck, an Indonesian based metal roofing company specializing in long span building. a�?As a board member, my most memorable experience with the company is entering the Guinness Book of Records for the longest roofing span during a project in Central Java in 2013a�?. Entrepreneurial skills are close to Anthonya��s heart and this is only one of a number of his achievements to date.

Having gone through elementary school together, Anthony met his wife to be again in 2006 and is now married with two children, Owen and Meredith, who are now also attending Sekolah Ciputra.

The family enjoys traveling during the breaks when they get the opportunity.

Thanks for sharing Anthony; we look forward to catching up with more Alumni over the coming year.