Coding Competition

Congratulations to Philote and Ethan for their international achievement in a recent Coding Competition Top 60 in the world.

Hi, my name is Philote Asway Mulya, I am 12 years old, and in Grade 6. After doing the NCSS challenge, it really gave me a lot of experience, and I was feeling more confident with my ability and skill for coding. I really appreciate the help and support from my tutor who has been guiding me throughout the process of the NCSS challenge. I am really happy with my achievement, because I was able to get into the top 60 against other participants all around the world. The preparation before the competition was very good in my opinion, as months before the competition, my teacher had already given me experience, and taught me the fundamentals of python. There is going to be a competition around July, and I really cannot wait to experience, and do another competition again.  


Hi, I am Ethan Eljoyerch Azali from Grade 5. NCSS Challenge is a programming competition open to all schools and teachers. Students from around the world can participate in this competition. It started from Monday, 14 February 2022 until 20 March 2022. The competition runs for five weeks. Every week there are notes and problems to be solved. The NCSS Challenge is run by Grok Learning, Australia.

I chose the Newbies category because I’ m new to Blockly and this is my first programming competition. Before the competition started, I took a day of programming lessons to get familiar with Blockly. This competition is challenging and fun for me. I get to learn new things in programming and try to solve the problems every week. I love playing games and there are a lot of apps that are useful nowadays. I’m going to learn more about programming and one day, I will create my own game or apps.