Cyber Safety

I believe it is a timely reminder to mention the need to ensure that your children are cyber safe.

As parents, it is particularly worrying how much time our children spend online. Online chat groups are one of the most popular ways children communicate with each other now, but this also exposes them to negativity. Whilst there are many great platforms to share and post on to, it can make them vulnerable to mean comments and harassment.

We ask you to support the school in ensuring that your child uses social media appropriately and not to belittle or bully others.

  • Bullying in any form is completely unacceptable.
  • We expect all students to act with integrity.
  • We expect students to interact appropriately with each other.

If a student feels belittled, harassed or someone is using inappropriate language or comments, they should immediately leave the group or block that person. Do not respond and report what is happening to a trusted adult.

We will continue to educate our students on the need to treat everyone with respect in both real time and online. I would further like to add that if your child needs support with any of the issues raised, please go to a counsellor, senior staff or myself.

This is an ongoing issue in society and one which we all need to be aware of. We appreciate your support.

Martin Blackburn
Executive Principal