DUES Competition

The DUES Economics essay competition was one of the most challenging essays that I have ever written. The question that I answered was, “With reference to at least one country of your choice, evaluate the effectiveness of central banks’ mitigatory efforts in the COVID-19 pandemic.” This question allowed me to delve deeper into the world of economics and the economic perspective on government policies in Indonesia. I was able to understand the government’s and the central banks’ standpoint to reform the economy where I assessed their decision of reducing the 7-Day Reverse Repo Rate by 25bps to 4,50%. I ultimately deemed that the policy was effective to catapult the economy into the right direction to a certain extent.  Evaluating the several implications of the policy have granted me an innumerable amount of knowledge regarding the study of economics. Much to my surprise, I was ecstatic to have received the news that my essay was placed amongst the top 10% of total entries. I also received a certificate regarding my achievement. Nevertheless, completing this essay was a gratifying experience and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my teachers. 

Erin Natasha Endriputri – Grade 11