Earth Day

This drawing is the Sustainability and Service Programme’s logo that I made. Firstly, I would like to mention how grateful I was given the opportunity to design the logo for the Sustainability and Service Programme. Secondly, I would like to explain what this logo means and how it is connected to Earth Day! This logo’s overall concept and theme are the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. Each one of those SDGs is important to our Earth, and that is the reason why I designed this logo based on those goals. The SDGs bring hope and change to our world by facing or encouraging other people to face global challenges that are still happening now. Most of the SDGs are similar to the problems we try to solve on Earth Day, like climate change, pollution, oil spills, and more. Many of the SDGs are closely related to Earth Day’s goals. Some of those SDGs might be clean water, clean energy, responsible consumption, climate action, sustainable cities and communities, life below water, and life on land, all of which are similar to the goal and purpose of Earth Day. Always remember to not only take action on Earth Day, but instead, take action every day! We can spread awareness and take better care of our earth, no matter how small or large those actions are. Making a difference on our Earth is what the logo and Earth Day are about. Have a great Earth Day!
Kathleen Annabelle Oetomo (PYP Student)