Entrepreneur of the month

Hello everyone!

My name is Cheryl Prijadi Tsang, from Grade 10

Sustainable Candle Holders started when I got inspired to manage recycled items into valuable and useful products for society. During my research, I decided that recycled products have high economic value and can help preserve the environment. My objective is to innovate and create a unique approach to the sustainable recycling of plastic water bottles.

I designed my own products, and after that I’ll create the prototype using recycled bottles. With guidance from experts, I have created a functioning startup and am currently in talks with the wider Ciputra School and Ciputra Group to market it soon and reach a deal for my product.

With growing concern over the environment, the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials in candle holders is likely to become more popular. We may see candle holders made from materials such as bamboo, recycled bottles, and natural fibers. With the rise of 3D printing and other customization technologies, candle holders may become more personalized and unique, allowing users to create their own designs or have them custom-made to match their decor. Overall, the future of candle holders is likely to be shaped by a combination of sustainability, technology, and design innovation, as people seek to create beautiful and functional items that enhance their homes and lives.

Cheryl Prijadi Tsang, High School Student

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