Entrepreneurship Club

September saw the beginning of the new entrepreneurship club which will run for 12 weeks at Sekolah Ciputra.  

The students who joined the club learned about the importance of doing a resource assessment before starting a new business. A resource assessment enabled them to look at what skills they or their friends have and how they can be utilized in a business. They also looked at what free resources the school has to offer and what their parents’ businesses can offer for when they start their own school business. 

They also got into two large teams and started to brainstorm business ideas. Once they had brainstormed, they then picked the 2 best ideas and did a feasibility assessment on those ideas. By answering a few questions based on their ideas, the teams were able to vote and choose their business idea. Here are the results: 

Team 1 (no business name yet!): They will make and sell decorative acrylic lights

Team 2 (no business name yet!): They will sell branded merchandise 

Now that they have ideas, the next few weeks will look at how they can make their business sustainable and write an actual business plan and look at how to get start-up capital for their business. 

Here are some photos of their business ideas which were done on line using Google jamboard.

Reuben Drake – Entrepreneurship Coordinator