The Big Sell

On the 11th and 12th of April, my friends and I from Design Entrepreneurship class held an F&B bazaar called The Big Sell! There were eight booths selling various culinary delicacies that we set up ourselves in the school’s basketball court every lunchtime. My team’s booth was called CI-BABES, selling traditional aci snacks (i.e. cimol and cireng) with a modern twist. Other booths and the products they offered include JABLEW with jasuke and grilled corn cobs, JELLICIOUS with jelly and pudding drinks, NORI SUNSHINE with nori tacos, 4 BIG BROS with protein plates and signature shakes, ZESTY AAH with organic lemonades, CASA DE BURRITOS with tasty burritos, and MIX & MATCH with refreshing drinks. Additionally, students and teachers who visited our bazaar were brightened up with a fun golf simulation, organized by the entertainment booth called WILD GOLF!

The Big Sell was a great success as most booths had sold out and even some were understocked with long lines of customers still eager to try out our products after the bell rang. This outcome is a reflection of our hard work and perseverance over the past months in Design Entrepreneurship classes. We attended lectures in Universitas Ciputra about entrepreneurship, brainstormed and pitched feasible business ideas, worked on our Business Model Canvas, learned about marketing mix and promotional mix, worked on our action plan, and did lengthy preparations with our groups before d-day. We all substantially developed our teamwork and collaboration skills by starting businesses together as all groups had one common goal; to provide the best product or service and satisfy our customers.

This activity offered us a valuable real-life work opportunity as we gained beneficial entrepreneurial skills beyond the classroom, such as customer satisfaction. Although we’ve learned the theory, it isn’t until we serve customers ourselves that we understand how to best fulfill their needs. For instance, CI-BABES was overcrowded on the first day because we cooked on the spot and couldn’t keep up with the demand. From this experience, we learnt to pre-make our snacks at home and used an airfryer to reheat them at school. On the second day, we served our customers more efficiently yet still kept our product’s quality. Overall, this was an incredibly rewarding experience for all Design Entrepreneurship students!

Cheryl Loemantoro, Grade 11

In the primary school, the students took part in the first ever Sekolah Ciputra Entrepreneurship competition in which students had the opportunity to present their business ideas to a panel of judges. After the first round of entries, there were 10 finalists for the upper primary school and 5 finalists for the lower primary school. The finalists did an amazing job in overcoming their nerves and pitched their ideas to the judges. All finalists deserve a round of applause and the winners will be announced towards the end of semester 2.