Hello friends! On Friday, November 4th, the PYP 5 students held a science fair, and we’d like to tell you all about it! The fair consisted of Grade 5 student’s personal or partner experiments that were completed during the unit. We learned about how to conduct the experiments and the steps needed in the scientific method. There were also Grade 4 students who visited the fair and also gave feedback. Here we have two students from Grade 5 that will share their experiences about the science fair!  


Hello everyone, my name is Elayne from 5D. I worked alone to complete an experiment called “The Bouncing Egg”. This experiment was about an egg shell dissolving in vinegar, leaving only the tissues in the egg to make it bounce. The science fair was such a fun thing to do! I was able to show other students what I have done in the unit and how my experiment worked. I was also able to be a great example for 4th grade students who will be doing this in the future! I really think that this unit has given me a lot of facts about science and has taught me that process is what helped me come to success. 


Hello everyone, my name is Vanessa from 5D. During the literacy science experiment, I learned a lot of facts about the science fair and how to create a science experiment. I did the experiment with my friend, Norika. We worked together and made a science experiment called “Floating Eggs,” which is when one egg can float in salty water due to density and buoyancy, while the other one can’t. First, we started to watch a video that our teacher gave us, and we observed, created a hypothesis, and found the materials. After a whole week of hard work, on Friday we finally presented it to other PYP 5 students and PYP 4. 

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