IMAGO Competition

Congratulations to Felice Agnes Sentosa achieved Bronze AWARD Prism Level (grade 10-12), at International Mathematical Advanced Geometry (IMAGO) 2022. 

  1. What is the IMAGO Competition about?

IMAGO is an International Mathematical Advanced Geometry Olympiad. There are 20 questions, consisting of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 filling-in questions, in 90 minutes. For Grades 10-12 the category is ‘prism’ geometry questions and are a very interesting challenge to solve.  As a branch of mathematics, geometry is a challenge in itself, so it needs to be studied properly aand as early as possible.  Geometry is widely used in architectural engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering – robotics. 

When was this held?- 26 March 2022 

Where was this held? – online (we use their website

  1. How was the preparation?

For about 3 weeks, I’ve studied very hard for this Olympiad and many obstacles/rollercoasters that I faced. I also watched and learned some tutorials in YouTube that the IMAGO 2022 made for us. I tried to identify and understand the tutorials and I took some questions from Google so that I could learn from it. 

  1. How was Competition Day? 

On competition day, I really put trust in myself and what I’ve been learning and studying. Based on my experience, this competition was very challenging, since we have to think how to solve the problem and I needed to remember all the formulas. But on the flip side, I felt really excited and joy that I’ve joined this competition and I could have many experiences. This competition gave me a good idea what I’m good at and where can I improve. 

This competition isn’t the end but at the next competition I will try my best to get the first position ~ Felice Agnes 

I’m thankful to my parents, teachers, friends and of course Jesus that has supported me throughout this competition and I’m so happy with the result of the bronze medal. 

-Basically, the mathematics questions are a paragraph of questions, then you have to imagine the shape and you have to count based on the questions asked. 

Note: Detail info in the YouTube of . The questions are almost the same. 



– This is my second time joining the mathematics Olympiad. The first math competition was GBMO “Global Business Mathematics Olympiad” I won a Silver award in the senior category. Then in 2022, I was contacted to see if I was willing to join the next competition which was IMAGO “International Mathematical Advanced Geometry Olympiad”. With all my efforts and pray, I’m very proud of myself that I received a Bronze medal. For me, the IMAGO competition was harder than the GBMO. 

– I’m the type of person who likes to join many types of competitions, without telling my parents or my family. I really tried hard to get the best result. After the result is out, directly I told my parents and family. They are always satisfied and proud of me. 

— Felice Agnes Sentosa —

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