Melbourne Study Trip

Hi, my name is Kayla Natasha Go and I joined the school study trip program to Melbourne, Australia on 19-25 March, 2023. Let me tell you about my experience in joining this trip and how it changed my mindset. Throughout my 10th grade year, I didn’t quite understand the importance of choosing IBDP and why it’s recommended for Ciputra students. But as I went from universities to universities in Australia, it developed my understanding and knowledge about IBDP. 

In my opinion, the trip was not only an educational experience but also fun! I visited 5 top universities in Melbourne which are; Monash, RMIT, University of Melbourne, Adelaide (in docklands), and Williams Angliss Institute. Being a non-DP graduate is much harder than being a DP graduate because applying as a DP graduate can not only have easier entry to the desired university, it also teaches students to adapt more to the learning system. In every university there was a representative that guided and introduced us to the university and its courses. 

It is true that they all recommended taking IBDP so that it would increase the basic knowledge and requirements to get into the university, such as having a higher level of English, knowing how the lessons are through the international route, and how the students won’t have to take a foundation programme or community college first before going into the university. Most universities require us to take IBDP because the IB courses have their characteristics to guide us towards our major and university requirements, and that it can be taken as credit to skip a year of foundation courses in the university. When having trouble choosing subjects for DP, I highly recommend talking to the University Counselors, DP Coordinator, or one of the Principals to help you make the best decisions for your subject choices.  I also highly recommend going on future study trips to visit universities like I did with this one.

Kayla Natasha Go – Grade 10D