Mental Math World Cup 2022

During June-July of 2022, I competed in the Mental Math World Cup 2022, the biggest online Mental Math Competition of 2022 hosted by Live Math Competitions and League, with over 48 countries from across the world participating through an online application.

First, there was the qualifying round held on June 4. Students in the grandmaster category between the ages of 12 and 15 compete to mentally count and answer as many math questions as they can in 7 minutes over three rounds. For each correct answer, 10 points are added; for each incorrect answer, 2 points are subtracted. I cleared the qualifying round and advanced to the grand finale round with a total score of 2710, ranking first in Indonesia and 27th worldwide.

Expectedly, the questions became much more challenging in the grand finals on July 23rd. With strict online monitoring by invigilators, I had 12 minutes to answer 100 questions correctly and accurately, with each correct answer worth 10 points and each incorrect answer deducting 2 points. I wasn’t able to answer all the questions, which made me receive 830 out of 1000 points, placing me first in Indonesia and 72nd worldwide with A grade.

To look back, I competed in the Live Maths Competition and League too last year, but on an Asian scale, and finished second in Indonesia and #168 in Asia. I am pleased with my progress this year, since I was able to achieve a much better rank of #72 on a larger scale, the global scale. Aside from that, my previous year’s score was 754 and this year’s was 830. Although I made progress, I believe I am still capable of doing much more and much better in the future.
Aishwarya Tania Zahara Pandey – Grade 9A

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