News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

As anticipated, we received the news during the week that the whole school is now expected to be open for full face-to-face teaching.  Information has gone out to you explaining how this will be facilitated but suffice it to say, the key change is that whereas before the emphasis was on giving permission to be at school, now the emphasis has switched to gaining permission not to attend!  The focus in these classes will now be on the face-to-face option. Our taskforce meets on Monday, and we will see further changes occurring as the situation changes. The last two years has taught us that the situation is extremely volatile, and we must be very flexible in adapting to changes.

On this note, it was good to see another round of vaccinations for 6–11 year-olds which helps enhance safety. This means around 80% of this age group are now vaccinated. 

We have spoken before about the great work gong in to developing the mathematics programme within the school. As part of this the PYP will celebrate Mathematics Week next week and particularly the 100th day of school. We look forward to sharing in those activities.

MARCOMM will be publishing information about our scholarship process for the next academic year. This is a rigorous process with very high standards but a great opportunity for students to extend themselves. We look forward to PYP 6 and Grade 9 students taking up the challenge.

Please continue to note the message we sent about using the feedback received during the reporting process to help plan and prepare for improvement. We have a huge amount of support available for the student to help them to grow and improve.

Have a great week!

Martin Blackburn 

Executive Principal 

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