News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

It’s fabulous to see the arts thriving in the school. The art festivals across the continuum have showcased the incredible skills our students have. The school is vibrant with displays with both real and virtual galleries and it gives us insight into what schooling will look like after the pandemic is over. The online skills our whole community has embraced and mastered over the past two years have added a richness to teaching and learning.  The different programmes facilitate online learning but will amplify face-to-face learning. We look forward to the many events during the week. The Director’s Choice Award for Grade 12, and the Executive Principal’s award for the Elementary are among the major ones. Congratulations also to the participants and winners of the Yearbook Cover Competitions and to everyone who has contributed to making the week such a success.

On Wednesday afternoon we celebrate the MYP Personal Project. We hope that this will be our last purely online summative but commend everyone who has contributed so much. The projects are incredible, indicative of the effort students have put in as well as the support staff have given them on their learning journeys. We should feel very proud of them.

Congratulations to Pak Sam and his team for the wonderful school-to-school conference. We had over 50 staff members come in on Saturday and present workshops to teachers form 11 different provinces on the topic of a “New Era in Education.”  The feedback we have received has been very positive and helps cement our place as leaders in education in Indonesia.  Thank you everyone!

We begin the semester holiday on Friday afternoon. This marks two years since the school closed for face-to-face learning. None of us realised how long this journey would be at the onset and we should reflect positively on the resilience our community has demonstrated during these times. There are very encouraging signs now about moving back to a face-to-face environment, and as an inquiry based school, we will embrace the lessons we learned during this period and continue to thrive and grow. 

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the holiday break.


Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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