News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff, 

The sad news of the passing of Ibu Desita this week was a terrible shock for the whole community. Desita worked at Sekolah Ciputra for many years as a teacher, a head of Faculty, a Principal and a Vice-Principal. She was at the heart and soul of the school, always actively and positively engaged. She has had a positive influence on students, staff and parents for many years. She was also a mentor to many other schools helping to raise the general standard of education. Her loss in the school is deeply felt and we offer our thoughts and prayers to her family.

Desita’s passion was for the school and its students. She would no doubt have been delighted to see that the reopening of the school is progressing very positively. Elementary and Pre-elementary classes are now full, with the vast majority of students attending. It was wonderful to walk the corridors and see the classes full of happy students and teachers so obviously loving being back in a face-to-face environment. Today the High School opens for all and we look forward to it filling up. We anticipate longer teaching hours being instituted in the near future also and will follow with more details once the decision is made and approved.

The Decathlon organised by OSIS is underway. Yet again this is an innovative event designed by our school leaders for the wider community.  Grade 5 students begin their leadership camp this week and Grade 6 begin their MAP assessments. Good luck to all the HS cyclists for their challenge too! The next few weeks and months promise to be both busy and exciting!.

Finally, we wish everyone the very best for the fasting month, a great opportunity for self-sacrifice and personal reflection.  

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn 

Executive Principal 

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