Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

The term “student agency,” is used to describe the process whereby students have input into what and how they learn. The idea is that if students are emotionally invested in their learning it is likely to be more engaging and ultimately successful. We are no exception in encouraging student input into the way they learn but take it a step further by giving them significant input into how the school is run. Once a month, the four student leaders, (two from OSIS and two from StuCo) attend the continuum Senior Leadership Team (SLT) meeting with Ms Fenny the General Manager, the Unit Principals, the Curriculum Administrator and myself. They have equal rights around the table and can comment on school wide issues as well as raise their own initiatives. Last Wednesday we had the first of these meeting for the academic year and two new Elementary representatives, who despite being a little nervous, gave the SLT a very positive presentation about their priorities for the year. We feel very proud of the way that students have a voice in the school.

Thank you to all the parents who have attended the parent meetings over the past two weeks. They have been very positive and informative and helped make the start of the year a very focussed one. Please remember that we place the utmost importance on communication. Problems do occur in any large organisations. Please take advantage of the fact that we are committed to keeping lines of communication open if and when issues arise so that we can work together to resolve them.

We celebrate Independence Day on Thursday with a flag ceremony in the morning and on Tuesday with a PYP flag ceremony and traditional games.  We look forward to demonstrating our collective pride in our national identity.

Finally, it is pleasing to note that, in the main, uniforms are now being worn correctly. Please let the school know if your child needs to be out of uniform for any reason. 

Have a great week!

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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