News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear students, staff, parents, alumni and the whole Sekolah Ciputra community, 

The annual school top school conference was a wonderful occasion. We had teachers from 30 cities around Indonesia attending whilst our staff delivered workshops. Dr Christopher Allen, our high school coordinating principal delivered an outstanding keynote speech and overall, the school reinforced its credentials as a centre for excellence in education in Indonesia. Thank you very much to the organising committee led by Pak Gatut Samuel, the staff and students who volunteered their time on a Saturday and to all the many participants. We look forward to next year.

Good luck to the huge team we have sent to Bangkok to the World Scholars Cup. It is so nice to see enthusiasm for an event like this and for our students to get an international perspective in their learning. Another such opportunity has arisen in sports with our senior boys and girls’ soccer teams being invited to a tournament in Chiang Mai. We hope that there is support for this event as these types of experiences are priceless. There is a parent information session scheduled for today.

We have just had confirmation for the dates of our mid-cycle review with WASC. This will be the 22nd to the 24th of November. This is wonderful timing for us as it gives us the opportunity to showcase the strides we have made as a leading international school in the last three years since the visit whilst at the same time informing our strategic plan for the next three years. As usual the whole school community will be involved in this event with the visiting team talking with teachers, parents, alumni and students.  We look forward to the quality feedback we will get for our school improvement process.

Our PAIS testing for the start of the year is complete. The individual results will be sent to parents. There is the choice of two workshops to attend to help interpret results. The result will also be used in comparison with our own data to check our own accuracy as well as to look for areas in our performance where we can improve. The assessments will be followed up in the last term so that we can look at the rates of improvement.

It is great to see all the sports going on at the moment. The soccer teams are underway with games against SIS and SES. The basketball teams are playing friendlies as well which enhances our objective of increasing both the participation rate and quality of our sports programme.

The high school is holding their first coffee afternoon on Tuesday at 2-3. This is a great opportunity for parents to meet with the principals in an informal setting to discuss different aspects of the school without being dictated to by an agenda. All are welcome.

Lastly it was great to see that Massey University from New Zealand presented to our students on Friday. I am being somewhat parochial because both my brother and I attended Massey in the 1980s and therefore we can highly recommend it! 

Have a great week and we hope the HS enjoy their Spirit Week!

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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