News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear students, staff, parents, alumni and the whole Sekolah Ciputra community, 

Camp week! It’s finally here. This week students from grades 6-11 will participate in their respective camps. They will challenge themselves and test their resilience. They will be involved in entrepreneurship, eco and service activities. They will use the opportunity of being away from home to enjoy new experiences and forge new friendships. It is wonderful to have our camps back on their regular cycle. Our student surveys show that camps are a major highlight for students and when you look at the alumni profiles, we regularly post you will note that most alumni identify participation in camps as being amongst their treasured memories. We wish all our campers a safe and enjoyable experience and look forward to sharing their experiences when they return.

It is very pleasing to note that following the global round in Bangkok we have 14 students who have opted to attend the World Scholars’ Cup in Yale in November. This will be a priceless experience for those students, and we look forward to them having a challenging yet wonderful time.

Our normal busy Saturday mornings with football, basketball, karate and volleyball practices got even busier last week as we had the first batch of high school enrolments as well as students in for the ICAS test. All the very best to all these students with these important assessments. 

Congratulations to both the senior girls and boys basketball teams who were finalists in the Citra Hati West Friendster Competition tournament played last week. Congratulations to the girls who won the tournament and to the boys for finishing runner up.

Finally, this is the last week of term. We wish all our students a safe and happy break. This is a great opportunity to rest, reflect and also plan and prepare for the upcoming term. 

Have a great week!

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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