Dear students, staff, parents, alumni and the whole Sekolah Ciputra community,

Welcome to term 2 which once again promises to be action packed. We have had great feedback on the students’ experiences on their camps. Grade 6 to Grade 11 camps were stimulating and challenging and it was pleasing to see the way in which students took appropriate risks to get the most out of their experience. Congratulations to the students but also thank you very much to the staff. Taking students on camp is difficult as there is never any time for staff to switch off. They are constantly on duty and have done an amazing job.

On the theme of thanking the staff for the job they do, October 5th is international teachers’ day. We look forward to thanking our staff for their service and effort.

The PSG will hold the fun run and bazaar on the 14th of October. This will be a wonderful event and well done to the PSG for all the hard work they have invested into it. It will be a wonderful way to bring our whole school community together as well as involving the wider community.

We have our mid-cycle review for WASC on the 22nd-24th November. We have already submitted the required paperwork and look forward to the opportunity of using this visit to enhance the drafting of our strategic plan for the next three years. It is always good to have experienced educators from outside of the school looking at our structure and systems and giving critical feedback aimed at improving student outcomes.

This term traditionally gets busier and busier as we approach the Christmas period. It is important that we all exercise the learner profile attribute of being balanced so that we can ensure that all our priorities are given the time that they need. This is particularly true for our grade 12 students who should now be focusing very clearly on their upcoming examinations. We hope everyone enjoys the many opportunities that the upcoming term brings whilst also ensuring that they also continue to grow academically.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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