Dear students, staff, parents, alumni and the whole Sekolah Ciputra community,

The Kidpreneur Fair was inspirational. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and commitment of so many budding entrepreneurs. These grade four students have mastered all the financial basics of setting up a business and were able to move through prototyping and on to the really exciting part for them, selling their goods to a wider public. It was fabulous to see the wide range of products that demonstrated a high degree of critical thinking as well as high quality market research. We look forward to seeing those students who continue to develop their ideas with the wider public and hope some of them will feature as our entrepreneur of the month.

As the Kidpreneur Fair was winding down the University Fair was just beginning. With sixty universities in attendance from all over the world it was an excellent opportunity for our students, who begin their university applications process in Grade 8, to ask direct questions to a wide variety of universities from all over the globe as well as Indonesia.

On Friday afternoon the PSG held a small party in the BBC as a way of saying thank you to all those who were involved in the hugely successful Bazaar last Saturday. Once again, our sincere thanks to the PSG for this huge undertaking. This party came hot on the heels of the high school athletics day which was a very well-run event that we reduced in scope because of the current extreme heat.

On Saturday we had our next round of enrolment testing and interviews in the high school. Our numbers are considerably up on this time last year and the year before. The school is likely to reach absolute capacity in many cohorts and maybe overall. I strongly urge anyone who has not confirmed re-enrolment to grades one, seven and ten to do so as soon as possible as we are testing many new students and have a limited number of spaces left.

This week we have two more university visits including one from my old alma mater, Waikato University from New Zealand. We are looking forward to our senior boys and senior girls’ volleyball matches against St Louis this week, spirit week in the high school and of course the celebratory assembly for bulan bahasa on Friday.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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