News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear students, staff, parents, alumni and the whole Sekolah Ciputra community,

What a fabulous event the Ciputra Cup was. The level of organisation and commitment from our OSIS team was second to none. For the first time we had games under lights which certainly helped move the tournament along. It was so good to see a tournament of such complexity being run by a dedicated and hard-working team. A special shout out needs to go to the staff from right across the continuum, including business staff who gave up their time in the evenings and over the weekend to support this event.

Saturday in particular was very busy as in addition to the Ciputra Cup we also had the JISMO competition involving many students and schools as well as the SATs. As you know we are now an SAT testing centre. Again, this variety of sporting and academic activities over the weekend bears testimony to the range of opportunities the school offers, the wide variety of choices students have and the hard work of our staff who supervise these activities.

We currently have a large number of staff and students at Yale University in the United States at the World Scholars Cup. They will be away for another week, and we wish them well in their tournament and look forward to hearing about their experiences when they return.

This week is an important one for the Grade 10 students as they further refine their subject selection for grades 11 and 12. They will have the opportunity of experiencing taster lessons in each of the subjects that are not taught as individual subjects in the MYP.  For example, MYP Individuals and Societies splits into business studies, history, geography, economics, philosophy and global politics whilst general science splits into biology, physics, chemistry and environmental systems and societies. Students will have the opportunity to experience these subjects and make decisions about their future direction. This is an important step for them as they travel forwards in their respective learning journeys.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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