OSIS and STUCO Event

On 19-29 September, the OSIS External Department, Internal Department, as well as PYP STUCO ran a Charity Book Drive. Everyone from students, parents, and teachers were all invited to drop off their books to be donated in the high school lobby or the PYP main gate.

The students as well as parents were extremely helpful and supportive of the charity book drive which was greatly appreciated. Without their constant cooperation and dedication for this event, the Charity Book Drive would not have been as successful as it was. Through the hard work of everyone involved we were able to receive so many books which we are extremely grateful for.

Thanks to everyone’s support, the OSIS and STUCO team successfully gathered a total of 29 boxes loaded with books to be donated! These books consist of children and teens’ books in both Indonesian and English of all genres. Throughout the Charity Book Drive, the internal department was in charge of collecting and ensuring the books were still in a good condition, and the external department was in charge of contacting the orphanage and leading the activities in the orphanage.

The members involved in the books distribution were the OSIS core members (Graceline Supramono, Tricia Budhi, Abifani Latuconsina), internal department (Beatrix Handoko, Morgan Narindra, Raynard Tantono, Felisha Blessing, Annalee Cokrojoyo, Jasmine Suteja, Andrew Tjandra, Nadya Onggo), external department (Julia Baschieri, Agnes Sentosa, Tanisha Samtani, Nicole Azali, Jesslyn Gunadi, Sharon Suanthie, Sihyeon, Cherylene Widigdo), STUCO representatives (Ms Julie Ika, Ms Ani Fenny Gesa, Ellaina Hanjaya, Vanessa Natalie Limery) and Mr. Iwan, Mr. Sulton and Mr Markus as the SLT representative. The books were all donated to Panti Asuhan Amanah Insan and to a junior high school named SMPN 28 Surabaya. The OSIS team feels very glad and lucky to be given the opportunity to host this event.

Lastly, we would like to express a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s charity book drive! We hope that through this Charity Book Drive, we were able to inspire other people to spread positivity around the community by donating. To all those who donated books, none of this would have been possible without your help; we hope that the donated books can be beneficial for the children.