Our Facilities


The school is located on a single campus in Citraland in the western sector of Surabaya. Citraland, also known as The Singapore of Surabaya is safe and clean with low traffic and noise levels.

General Facilities

The school is purpose built with an extensive range of facilities to support students learning and recreation. Classrooms are large and air-conditioned with WiFi throughout the campus. Buildings and grounds are attractive and well maintained. Our Pre Elementary Building is well equipped, modern and spacious, catering to the younger students of our school.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

For a well-rounded education in the 21st century, ITC is a vital part of the students learning, therefore our technology and equipment needs are constantly assessed and updated to the highest standards.

The High School has two Computer Laboratories, providing 25 networked computers.

50 inch televisions are used in the English classes.

The Learning Resource Centres have three recording rooms.

Interactive technology has been installed so every teaching room has its own Smart Board. There are mobile packs and multi-media equipment available for use in individual classrooms. This is in addition to computers based in every classroom from Pre Elementary to High School, four fully networked computer laboratories and over 40 networked computers in the Elementary and High School Learning Resource Centres.

Learning Resource Centres

Our Elementary Learning Resource Centre was judged the best Elementary Learning Resource Centre in Indonesia  and was the recipient of Rp 30,000,000 to support further development.

Learning Resource Centre staff work with classroom teachers from the Early Years to Grade 6, developing students research skills and to acquire resources to support the Programmes of Inquiry (PoI), literacy development in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin and Mother Tongue, as well as reading to develop general skills and appreciation.

A separate Learning Resource Centre is located in the High School. Collectively there are over 25,000 items, comprising of books, magazines, educational games, videos and CDs in English, Indonesian and Mandarin. There are banks of computers with full internet access in each Learning Resource Centre, and separate media rooms. The High School Learning Resource Centre also includes three digital recording studios and a radio transmission booth.


There are seven science laboratories across the school with specialist facilities and resources for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Robotics and General Science. The laboratories allow for student centred hands on learning from Pre-Elementary right through to Grade 12.

The Arts
The Arts department offers a variety of facilities and specialist rooms, including three Art rooms, a Drama room, two Music classrooms and three soundproof music practice rooms. Students also benefit from Ciputra Hall, a 710 seat Performing Arts Centre, with state of the art sound and lighting. Student performances, productions, exhibitions and shows are a highlight for the school and community.

Sport and Recreation
The school oval has a 400m running track and football fields. In the Elementary and Pre-Elementary playgrounds, play equipment with all-weather covers and safety flooring is available for children to use. The dedicated play equipment for students in Play Group, Kindergarten and the Elementary School is under shade covers and meets international standards for independent and group play in internationally recognised safe conditions.

In addition to these areas, there are Bale areas for quiet activity, a large outside covered area comprising a full sized basketball/badminton/volleyball court and a half court.

The large gymnasium meets international standards for basketball, badminton, volleyball and futsal. The school uses the nearby community swimming pools and tennis courts during the year, as well as the badminton, squash, gym and pool facilities at the Ciputra Family Club.

Entrance into the school grounds is managed by a large security team and secure vehicle parking is available inside the school area for families, including senior students over 17 years of age who hold a valid Indonesian driver’s licence. Security staff also manages the entrances to the schools, and are present in student activities outside of the classroom. CCTV cameras are installed in the corridors throughout the buildings as well as in outside areas.

There are two medical rooms, each with a full time qualified nurse to support students in the event of illness or accidents. The nurses also take part in the healthy lifestyle programmes planned for the students.