Our Vision and Mission

The schools vision is a statement of intent. It describes the type of outcomes that we aspire to.

Students of Sekolah Ciputra are proud of their national identity, embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship, celebrate cultural diversity and possess the skills, integrity and resilience to participate in a changing global society.

The schools mission describes the things we must do in order for the vision to be achieved.

At Sekolah Ciputra we teach our students to:

  • Take pride in their national and cultural heritage
  • Demonstrate integrity, respect and empathy toward others
  • Think critically and apply their learning in creative, innovative and entrepreneurial ways
  • Communicate their thoughts and ideas in Bahasa Indonesia, English and Mandarin
  • Achieve academically at the highest standard of which they are capable
  • Respond with confidence and reason to an everchanging world
  • Fulfil their social and civic responsibilities, both nationally and globally.