PP Exhibition

Personal project is the culmination of all assignments in the Middle Years Programme in which demonstrates skills learned through an 8-month project. Personal Project is implemented to Grade 10 students during their last year of 4 year IBMYP. We were required to make a product according to our abilities and interests. We had to choose one global context that was in accordance with the interest and product we would create. This global context would be a guide during the process until the final product was finished and important in the assessment of personal project.  During the personal project work we would not be alone, yet students would be guided by a teacher.


Personal Project brought me to think critically and to be an open minded person as well. We were encouraged to be more diligent and responsible to the project we developed. We had to apply our self-management skills during the process, research skills when gathering and analysing data, and finally demonstrated our communication skills when interviewing primary resources and presenting our product.


Personally, it is my first experience to have this kind of big project that took 8 months of process. I chose the project based on my interest which was Indonesian chips. It provided me a chance to promote original Indonesian chips. At the first stage, it was quite challenging for me as I had to do trial and error and frequently found out several failures. However, I could learn a lot from those mistakes and built up my passion to get the best product I could have. For me, quality and taste was the key for any food products.

Besides, I was challenged to have a creative packaging and to ensure quality and tastes of the chips were well maintained. Finally, I was so glad as most students and people who visited my stall gave positive responses to my product. My time, effort, attention to this project was paid off. On top of everything, it is my true learning experience which is to bring my knowledge, understanding and skills into practices. This project helps me mentally to be ready to face the next level of high school as well.


Thea Elvina Claresta Samuel

Grade 10 student