PYP-5 Leadership Camp

Day 2 Activities in Kaliandra Leadership Camp

On day 2, grade 5 students did these following activities. Aerobics led by Kaliandra, some outdoor activities, group activities, guest speaker or QnA of the manager of Kaliandra, and group performances. In my opinion the hardest activity from day 2 was the “Crazy Ball”. When my group and I were going to do an activity called “Tarantula dance” it started raining
so we decided to go inside. The plan B activity was “Crazy ball”. The game is played with your group and a cloth with holes which are labelled with the colours red, yellow, green, blue,and white. We have to hold the edges of the cloth and try to put the balls in the right colour hole. Each time we pass a level the amount of balls increases and the maximum balls are 5. It was fun but stressful at the same time for my group because we couldn’t really control where the ball was going. What I learned from the activities on day 2 was that you really need to focus and communicate well with your teammates so you can win the activities. In my opinion my group
did really well and I am very proud of myself and my group from the journey we have acquired during this camp either victories or defeats. It really makes a difference when all of us in a group work, communicate, and make plans or share ideas and that’s important because that can lead us to victory as a group so we all feel proud. Overall the experience in Kaliandra was amazing and in my opinion it is a great way to improve our leadership skills.

Written by Norika Lachelle Suryadi 5D

How the Leadership Camp develop my skills and profiles

Love going on school field trips? What about camp? Well on March 1st 2023 I had a school camp at Kaliandra learning about Leadership. In that school camp, we did a bunch of exciting activities involving a lot of focusing, thinking, teamwork, persistence and perseverance. I honestly had a very fun time during this camp. Learning about being open minded and
making new friends. In this leadership camp, we experienced working with people that we may not like very much, but in the end we were able to work together wonderfully. I have learned a lot from this camp, like to be a patient student. Even though some things might be annoying it’s better to be
accepting towards others. I also learned to be grateful for what I have. I eat what I am given and I’ve learned to work with what I have. The way I see it, all PYP 5 students have learned to be responsible, cooperative, well behaved, open minded, and best of all a good leader. Therefore, in my opinion this leadership camp helped PYP 5 students to be better intelligent
leaders. We now have a better understanding of having good leadership skills especially when in unfamiliar situations. Even though we did go through some ups and downs, in the end everything worked out. This leadership experience helped not only me but the whole grade in being the best leaders!

Written by Ellaina Gianna Hanjaya 5A