PYP 6 Poetry Summative

A Poetry Summative – A behind the scenes glimpse of some PYP 6 students experiences of  their recent Exhibition…

This is the exhibition

It was like we were being tested

It also was an enormous project for us

Fun but exhausting

A memory in the PYP 6

This is the exhibition


This is the exhibition

Strong as a bull when having a hard time

Smooth as silk when recording

Rough and tough

Pressure pushing me down to start over

This is the exhibition


This is the exhibition

It was like a tornado in my mind

It was like rage when it did not go as planned

I had butterflies in my stomach while presenting

This is the exhibition


This is the exhibition

I was like raging fire during the preparation

Enthusiastic I got bombastic

A long road to the goal

This is the exhibition


This is the exhibition

We drafted sloppily like a slug

But we finished fantastically

I was packed with pride

This is the exhibition  -Shun Sato PYP 6B


Groups are chosen and introductions have passed

the exhibition awakens

But now the challenges have commenced

And our time was about to be taken

Question making was tough to conclude

With interesting and confusing questions to choose

Making creative lines and lovely lines was easy

But this activity had us think like a machine

Planning CE’s and IA’s was a hard task to do

As we were not sure what idea we should choose

Let’s take a look, at my thoughts

When I experienced the exhibition

It was extremely hard, as hard as crumbling a brick

When thinking and working towards our vision and mission.

But my groups been well, and as I can tell

They’re good at talking and working

And on the final day, here’s what I’d say

The audience was contented

From how we worked and how we did our best

The exhibition was a sensational success

Every day of the week on the exhibition

I felt stressed above my frequent status

About planning and working was a usual cause

And soon the stress was like ammunition

I felt extra mad, as mad as an erupting volcano

Every single second of this project

Due to pressure of work

I went berserk

But only in my head

Two members I had were the worst there was!

They made me as agitated as Godzilla

Both were certainly crazy every day, everywhere

And both of them had an aura of annoyance that they shared

Plus, they weren’t the best at speaking or working

That was my adversity

To improve my thinking is a goal to pursue

When I discuss and plan

So I can help as much as it can

To improve in art is something I should do

Because my art is pretty ugly

To make visual art that’s creative and new

That can interest a community

To manage time is a thing I learnt

Through tough and hard experiences

So that nothing is late and will work out in the end

Like a successful, accomplished goal. -Kent PYP 6C


My mind is yelling as I’m working

It’s starting to burst as I’m thinking

My heart is popping like a popcorn heating

Excitement are inside my body

It’s jumping all over 

My brain is growing bigger and fuller each day

Filled with skills and thrills

I’m in an amusement park

Running here and there trying to find the right ride


I’m like a bee buzzing around

Buzz buzz buzz

The concept of fun is rushing through my mind

I’m a jar filled with all sorts of emotion potions

With my mind screaming work work work

And my heart yelling chat chat chat


Our group is like our supporters

Though the argument are like raging fire

We will always find a way to solve it

Our skill established as we get used to it

I burst in tears as the exhibition is over

I was mournful in a cheerful time

But I was exhausted that I could sleep for a century

I even felt that I was dead


Exhibition oh exhibition

You make me stressed but also happy

You’re the cause of my busyness

Yet the cause of my happiness – Valencia PYP 6C