PYP Exhibition 2021 – 2022

Since I was in PYP 1 I have attended previous PYP 6 exhibitions and now it feels like a habit until I reach grade 5. During grade 5 I wondered when it would be my turn to go through the process of the PYPx. I was nervous at the time because I wasn’t sure how those students could do such a wonderful project. The time flew by very fast and now it was my turn to go through the PYPx. It is very hard to describe how overjoyed I am because the PYPx really has given me a very important and valuable experience. It is not an easy process and it takes a lot of coordination and skills alike to reach the end of this process with the best result possible. 

During the PYP Exhibition, my friends and I were able to choose our own topic preferences based on the SDG goals. In this case my group and I chose SDG goal: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Through the process of the PYPx, it wasn’t an easy job because of all the challenges such as having to communicate with different ideas and perspectives, adjusting with new group members and their strengths and weaknesses. Extra burden comes onto our shoulders when some of our group members come to school and the rest are online. This complicates matters because communication with our group will be hard. To add more burden to this situation we have to design and assemble a prototype to create a sustainable neighborhood. Our prototype would be a smaller scale version of a sustainable city: A sustainable neighborhood. 

In this neighborhood we would have sustainable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy and many more sustainable practices. However, we were able to go through all of these challenges and obstacles because in the PYPx we are taught some skills and we adapted to be able to communicate and coordinate with our group members. I am personally able to develop the risk taker learner profile attribute because I have taken the initiative to build a prototype that requires a lot of work, time and effort. I have also learnt a new skill which is the ability to be able to find the problem of a certain situation and find a solution to the problem. My research skills have also improved because throughout the PYPx I got used to finding critical information in different resources. Beyond all of that I hope that through our PYPx we can inspire future cities so it can help our earth reach for sustainability.

By the end of this process I have felt very satisfied with the results that my group has achieved over the PYPx and overall it is a valuable learning experience for my friends and I. It not only helps me to improve different kinds of skills but also helps me to become aware about the situation around me and also helps me to understand about what a good learning attitude is. I would also like to thank all the people who have helped me to reach the end of this process and reach the highest level of success. 

Written by : Kenzo Owen – PYP 6A

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