Science Fair in PYP 5

Term 2 in PYP 5, we saw the students working extremely hard in Science to expand their knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a scientist. They studied and explored the scientific process and conducted several experiments as a class, in groups and individually.  PYP 5 ended the unit with the students being provided with an authentic opportunity to showcase their findings and practice being scientists by completing an experiment and sharing their findings with others. After weeks of preparation, students gathered over two days in October and presented to each other in a Virtual Science Fair. Students were able to explain each of the steps of the scientific method having done their own research, written their own hypothesis, carried out the experiment, and drawn a conclusion from their findings. 

Congratulations to all our PYP 5 scientists – we are very proud of the work and effort they put into their projects and the learning that took place during this unit!

Science Fair Final Copy.mp4