Elementary School
To complement PE lessons and after school activities, the Elementary School also participates in a range of invitational events that give students the opportunity to play sport. These include:

Inter-school: Cross-Country, Basketball, Swimming, Biathlon, Futsal and Unesa Athletics competitions.

High School
The High School offers students the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports, both on a social and a competitive level.

Sports offered include Inter-school Cross Country, Swimming, Football and DBL Basketball. Sekolah Ciputra has been DBL East Java Boys Champion and East Java Girls Champion in the last few years.

Students also can engage in a variety of in-school sporting competitions. These vary from year to year but usually involve Football, Futsal and Basketball.

Whole school
Sekolah Ciputra joined forces with other West Surabaya schools, International and National, to form an Inter-school football competition which operates on Saturday mornings. Students from the Elementary years to High School have play games over a series of months to find the Champion School.