Student Counselling

Elementary School

The Elementary School has a counsellor who monitors the well-being of all of the students in the Elementary School. The counsellor works closely with staff and parents to identify students who may need counselling support and provides ongoing assistance to those students.

High School

Sekolah Ciputra High School has five (5) full-time Counsellors who focus on three important areas of students’ lives: academic progress, social and emotional development, and college/career readiness.

The programmes offered by the counselling team include:

SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspect of Learning) Programme

SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspect of Learning) is a school continuum approach to address and promote social and emotional skills that will impact the student learning experience. This approach is adapted from the UK SEAL national approach, CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning), and IB ATL skills (Approaches To Learning). There are five main aspects addressed in this programme: self and social awareness; affective self-management; relationship skills; responsible behaviour. The programme is delivered weekly during Homeroom time or during our Grade Level Programme (GLP)  time and is adjusted to match the developmental stage of each grade level. The programme is delivered in multiple formats, which include videos, discussions, collaborative activities, and worksheets. Students and parents can access the Student Support website through the link below.

Private Counselling Programme

The Private Counselling Programme is sometimes the most effective approach for students to discuss issues surrounding social and emotional issues (often relating to peers), teachers, parents and academic challenges. Students are encouraged and guided to solve their problems independently. The Counsellors are available every day at first and second break or after school. The private counselling sessions might also take place during normal lesson time for urgent matters.

Group Counselling Programme

Currently, our Group Counselling Programme is only used for new students, but it is also an option for other students if they have something to discuss. Group Counselling Programme sessions cover topics such as adapting to a new environment, making friends, and dealing with new teachers and new systems.

Learning Support Programme

The Learning Support Programme is designed for students who have challenges or difficulties in learning. Teachers and Counselors identify which students are experiencing academic/ social/ emotional concerns by assessing their report marks and collecting information about their classroom behaviour. Students are monitored for anywhere between 2-10 weeks, where counsellors report directly to parents on their child’s progress so that they can support their child further at home. Furthermore, we are also developing protocols for dealing with gifted and talented students. 

University and Careers Guidance Programme

Counselors offer a University and Career Guidance Programme specifically designed for Grades 9-12 students. This programme is run using an online university and career guidance portal where each student has their own account. Each year students are assigned specific tasks which are completed during Homeroom time. Students record their activities and involvements such as competitions and sports. They can explore different job options to help select career pathways. The students can also get help to match their preference questionnaire to appropriate universities.

We also conduct a University Fair, where universities fromaround the world are invited to meet with and provide admissions information to students and parents. In addition to this, we have a range of universities from around the world coming to meet with studens and parents during break times, lunch times or after school throughout the school year.  

To further support students and parents with their university and career research and application process, our university counselors provide grade level specific workshops each semester for all students and parents in grades 9-12.

Work Experience Week

Sekolah Ciputra introduces students to the wider community outside the school through various programmes. Work Experience Week is a programme designed for Grade 10 students to give students real experience of working in a variety of companies for one week. The aim is for our students to experience the skills of communicating, responsibility, and to give more insight into the work/field students are interested in. There are more than 50 businesses and organisations involved in this event. The partnerships and connections established both for students as well as for those businesses have proved to be invaluable. Students can experience what it is like to be in a work environment. At the end, students debrief on what they learned and the impact that this might have on their future decisions. 

International Celebrations

Throughout the year, the counselling team organises the celebration of several days celebrated annually and internationally, such as Mental Health Day, Kindness Day, and Anti-Bullying Day. The celebrations take place in collaboration with students and teachers in theme-related projects, such as the #SpreadKindness project, the Kindness Bingo Challenge, the Anti-Bullying seminar in collaboration with the OSIS team, and Mental Health Month celebrations.