Student Counselling

Elementary School

The Elementary School has a counsellor who monitors the well-being of all of the students in the Elementary School. The counsellor works closely with staff and parents to identify students who may need counselling support and provides ongoing assistance to those students.

High School

Sekolah Ciputra High School has two full-time counsellors who focus on three important areas of the students lives: academic, personal/social and future careers.

The programmes offered by counselling include:

Student Monitoring Programme

The Student Monitoring Programme is designed for students who have difficulties in learning. Teachers and counsellors identify which students are experiencing academic problems by assessing their report marks and collecting information about their classroom behaviour. Students are monitored for one term, after which the counsellors report directly to parents on academic progress so they can motivate their child further at home.

Private Counselling Programme

The Private Counselling Programme is sometimes the best approach for students in order to discuss issues about peers, teachers, parents or academic problems. Students are given guidance to solve their problems independently. The counsellors are available every day at first and second break or after school.

Group Counselling Programme

Currently, group counselling is only used for new students, but it is also an option for other students if they have something to discuss. Group counselling sessions cover topics such as adapting to a new environment, making friends, and dealing with new teachers and systems.

Careers Day

Counsellors offer a career guidance programme specifically designed for Grade 10 students. On Careers Day, parents of students who are successful in their chosen field come and share experiences and tips for success, which later can be used by students to plan their own careers. As well, representatives from Universities both in Indonesia and abroad are available to present useful information and guidance to students.

Work Experience Week

Sekolah Ciputra has partnerships with several companies in Surabaya to provide Grade 10 students with work experience in their chosen area. Work Experience week usually occurs in Term 3 of the school year. Students can experience what it is like to be in a work environment. At the end, students debrief on what they learnt and the impact that will have on their career decisions.