The Young Entrepreneurship Competition 2023

“I am Young Entrepreneurs” – The Entrepreneurship Journey in Sekolah Ciputra

Becoming an entrepreneur is a dream for most people nowadays. Working for themselves, full of creativity, critical thinking, having empathy for the people and the nature around us seems really interesting. However this is not an easy dream to fulfil. Skills, knowledge and a strong spirit are needed to make this become a reality. Sekolah Ciputra has this vision which is embedded in our school programme. Entrepreneurship has been taught since the early years, where students practice and learn their entrepreneurial skills. 

Holding The Young Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 was one of the strategies that we use to nurture and develop entrepreneurship in the PYP. We challenge the students from PYP 1-6 to come up with their business ideas and have a go with their plan. Once a week for a month we provide coaching for them to ask, learn and develop their skills from the coaches and peers. They also learn how to overcome their obstacles. PYP 1-3 focus on their business plan and how to develop their plan into a business opportunity while PYP 4-6 they learn how to have their real business and sales. At this point, students learn how to handle their challenges and find a solution to move forward. We also provide a silent showcase where all the participants can share their ideas (lower grades) and experience their real sales for their business. In this silent showcase the business owners can have a pre-order list from the students who are interested in their products and complete the orders within a week period. This opportunity gives them real experience in becoming an entrepreneur. Some students also start to have online stores in tokopedia, ribblr, and direct sales outside of the showcase. From 29 participants from the upper grades and 16 participants in the lower grades we selected the best 5 participants from the upper grades to receive additional capital from the PSG (Parent Support Group) as their reward to increase their business. The competition itself is now reaching the grand final round where we have 10 finalists from the upper grades and 5 finalists from the lower grades who will compete to find the best 3 from the upper and lower primary in March 2023. Thank you PSG for your continued support.

Stefana Evi Indrasari – PYP Entrepreneurship Team