World Clean Up

On Saturday, 17 September 2022, I participated in the “World Clean Up” event held by Bye Bye Plastic Bags Surabaya.

We went to Pantai Kenjeran to start our trash collection agenda. We were given hand gloves and large empty sacks to pick up and store the trash we collected. The event lasted for 3 hours (6 a.m. until 9 a.m.). There were 39 participants in total, and we collected a total of 750 kg of rubbish. 

Besides helping to clean Pantai Kenjeran and preserving a healthier and more sustainable environment for the locals to live in, I also made a lot of new friends from this opportunity. As we’re working together as a whole team with one goal which is to pick up every piece of trash we spotted, we had to communicate with each other to make the job easier. Furthermore, since the rocky area is relatively steep and unsafe, we helped each other to get down and get back up regardless of who we are and which community we are from. Hence, I was able to further implement and develop my social skills after meeting new individuals from this event.

Lidya Happy Lians – Grade 11 DP

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