The World Mental Health Day is celebrated annually on 10 October to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing for all. This year, High School Sekolah Ciputra had a specific theme of “Permission to (Release) Stress” to raise awareness that it is fine and important to experience stress and failure, talk about it and manage it well. We had two webinars with special guest speakers, a psychologist from Universitas Ciputra, Ms. Elisabeth Santoso, M.Psi., Psikolog, and Mr. Sherman Ho, the co-Founder of Happiness Initiative, a social enterprise based in Singapore that focuses on mental health and wellbeing. Students and teachers from Grade 7-12 joined the webinars.
You, too, can watch the recording of the webinar on our Sekolah Ciputra Youtube channel. Take care of your well-being! 
“Make happiness a priority and be gentle with yourself in the process.” Bronnie Ware
Celebrating the World Mental Health Day, High School Sekolah Ciputra held special missions for students and teachers to maintain their wellbeing on a daily basis. We gave students daily missions in the form of an online game. The game asked students and teachers to complete special missions which varied from exercising, playing music, having a conversation with their family members, making coffee for their parents, gardening, playing with pets, making origami, and many others. We received more than 400 submissions of evidence when students and teachers have completed the missions. 
For me, this self-care mission is a great activity for us to do in our spare time because it helps me a lot to release my stress and also to reflect on how I feel. On the other hand, this mission helps me a lot to take care of myself, I can be more productive and stay motivated. These activities also remind me to always reduce/eliminate my anxiety and depression. So I can minimize my frustration and anger. Also, it increases my happiness and improves my energy”, said Felicia Agnes (HS Student) about this activity.
Joshiah Emmanuel Hanjaya (HS Student), who submitted the mission of playing music to release stress noted, “When I play the drums or listen to music it helps me to release stress, this is because it helps me to relax. Music affects my mood and my productivity. If I want to feel happy, I play upbeat songs and I want to feel productive, I play more focused and motivational songs. I generally like and enjoy playing the drums, however, it needs practice, and learning new songs is very fun especially when there is a new technique.”
In the end, we have five homerooms that will get a special prize for completing the most missions. They are homeroom 9.2, 10.4, 7.6, 12.1, and 11.8.
You can have a sneak peek of the missions here: