Dear Parents, Students, Staff alumni and proud member of the Sekolah Ciputra family,

Gong Xi Fa Cai. All our best wishes for Chinese New Year. We hope the new year brings peace and prosperity to all. It has been lovely seeing the activities in the school to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Of particular note, is the display in the HS foyer, where repurposed plastic bottles have been used to make a very impressive dragon display. New beginnings are always a wonderful time for people to take stock of where they are, decide where they want to be and to put plans in place to reach that desired destination. We wish everyone success in their endeavours over the next year.

Last Saturday saw the final day of the Ciputra Cup basketball. The tournament’s scope and organisation bear testimony to the wonderful effort by OSIS, supported by our staff. Countless hours of effort were put into the organisation which was excellent. It was also great to note the wonderful effort by our student teams (and a 3rd place finish for the senior boys). The car park was absolutely packed on Saturday morning with many activities going on. We had basketball, football practice, Karate, ECA junior basketball and the fascinating Chinese New Year colouring. This saw students from grades PYP A all the way to grade 10 happily participating and really reinforced the fact that there are a huge number of very diverse activities occurring in the school to challenge almost every interest.

The students taking psychology in G12 have their first mock exam this week. The rest will follow soon meaning that the clock is ticking for our grade 12 students as they build up towards their final DP examinations. We strongly advise the G12 students to pay careful attention to their results to maximise their learning from their mocks as a dress rehearsal for their finals.


Have a great week!

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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