Entrepreneurship – hubSC

At Sekolah Ciputra, entrepreneurship is fundamental to the school vision, mission and goals. At each grade level and through the school curriculum, 15 entrepreneurship competencies are embedded in student learning. The theoretical learning is transformed into entrepreneurial action as students are involved in entrepreneurial events, exposed to business and social venture communities and executing real world customer development. The proud history of Sekolah Ciputa’s entrepreneurship is now matched with a central hub of excellence.

hubSC is the new on and off-line incubator of student entrepreneurs at Sekolah Ciputra. Skills developed include Spotting Opportunities in a fast paced world, Financial and Economic Literacy as a foundational skill and Learning Through Experience, being able to fail with the support of skilled mentors. With sustainable and ethical motivation permeating the platform, hubSC entrepreneurs leave the school better prepared to fully realise their potential.