What is a STUCO?

STUCO is a group of PYP 4, 5 and 6 students who organize activities and initiatives for their fellow students. It is run by students for students. Students can become involved through its committees, councils and general meetings or by becoming an elected officer.

The Vision of STUCO

The Student Council has an open-door admission policy and is committed to the cultural growth of each student regardless of race, colour, gender, disability, religion, national origin and age. It strives to promote development and learning through a wide variety of educational programmes.

The Mission of STUCO

STUCO aims to provide students with an opportunity to initiate, promote and support positive school initiatives in order to strengthen their leadership skills.

The Purposes of STUCO

To develop within individuals a sense of responsibility in order to model appropriate behaviours reflecting PYP profiles and attitudes.
To represent students feelings, opinions and interests.
To give students a share in decision making.
To help develop potential leaders through leadership.
To encourage students to promote and develop school activities.

High School

What is OSIS?

OSIS is the means by which students in the High School can be most easily involved in leadership in the school. It is similar to a Student Representative Council, consisting of 22 students, including the School Captains, but focuses its efforts largely on organising and running activities to engage fellow students and to support local communities in need.

Who is in OSIS?

Students can join OSIS in three ways.

General school election: Students in Grade 11 can put forward their names to be voted on by the school. This process results in a school captain, two vice captains (one boy and one girl), one treasurer and two secretaries.

Class representative: each of the six Grade levels elects one boy and one girl.

House representative: each of the four Houses elects one representative

What does OSIS do?

The basic aim of OSIS in the High School is to give opportunities for students to develop their skills and talents to put together school wide activities using an entrepreneurial spirit and the IB Learner Profile.

These activities are directed at increasing student participation in the school. Some activities are done over three months, some over six months and some go all year. Activities include lunchtime sports competitions, the Ciputra Cup, Indonesian language events (Bulan Bahasa), OSIS Leadership Camps and CSOL. Many of these are fundraising activities so that, among other things, OSIS can support a mobile community centre as an outreach to the less advantaged members of the local community.

Fundraisers have included non-uniform days and book donation days. OSIS members also source sponsors and provide their own hard work to aid the causes they take on. The activities can be based within the school, at local schools or orphanages.

How does OSIS run?

At the start of each school year, students in OSIS go on an overnight camp to receive leadership training. The focus of the camp is to build teamwork and develop leadership skills. Some of the learning is done the hard way with failure often leading to better understanding of working together to achieve common goals. In situations like this, individuals sometimes reveal talents or display courage and determination that inspire others.

Back at school, meetings are held every week to plan and implement the years agenda. Students become very involved in the activities and the hard work done to bring their plans to fruition makes them responsible, independent and resilient young people who can organise and inspire others to achieve their goals.

OSIS provides excellent opportunities for personal growth and development.