Academic Honesty

We are in the midst of a number of really important academic projects and exams. We recently completed the MYP Personal Project and the PYP Exhibition and are about to start UNAS examinations for Grades 12, 9 and 6, school examinations for Grade 12 and the IBDP examinations, also for Grade 12. It is therefore timely to remind our whole community about academic honesty. Academic honesty is critical in maintaining the integrity of systems within the school. Academic honesty means presenting your own work in any situation. If you are undertaking research it means citing work that you looked at to reach your conclusions. Your findings must be your own and written in your own words acknowledging any assistance you received in reaching those findings.

In an examination situation, it means that you adhere exactly to the conditions of that examination. You only take prescribed material into the examination and that your conduct in the examination is such that you are only relying on yourself for answers. Apart from maintaining our own personal integrity, academic honesty is also important in maintaining our reputation as an academic institution. If the system has integrity, then the outputs from the system have more value. We are accredited by the Indonesian Government to invigilate national examinations and authorised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation to invigilate Diploma Examinations. In preparation for this, staff and students have been thoroughly briefed on their behaviour during examinations and our systems for ensuring integrity have been scrutinised and reviewed. It is important to understand that as part of our authorisation obligations we must report any suspected breach of academic honesty, no matter how minor.

Examinations are a time of great pressure and stress for students and we empathise with their desire to achieve the best mark possible. Please speak with your child about the importance of maintaining academic integrity as well as the very considerable consequences of being found in breach of assessment requirements.

We wish all our students the very best in their upcoming exams.