Golf Tournament

I started learning golf in January on my birthday. Because of the pandemic I had a lot of time so I decided that over 3 months I would practice a lot for this tournament. My goal was to win in this tournament. Everyone supports me with anything like giving me a ball, tee and anything to make me keep my spirits up and say I can do it. My dad always says ladies golfers in East Java are not many so I have a big chance to be a professional golfer. One thing that my parent’s say is do you want to be a professional or just play? If you choose playing, don’t play on golf courses, golf is expensive for the stick ball and tee. If you want to be a professional, be serious because not everyone can play. I say I want to be a professional golfer. I can do it, and my parent’s keep supporting me. In every tournament I join, even if I’m not winning, that’s fine, but in this tournament I’m so grateful to have finished in 2nd place.


Won the Governor Trophy for Golf Tournament October 7-9 October 2021 as the 1st runner up, female, level D. 

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