Harvard Summer School

Congratulations to Cindhita Annisa, she received a scholarship joining the Harvard Summer School. 
This summer, I had the opportunity to join the Harvard Summer School, taking the Intellectual Property Law for the Startup and Entrepreneur. The application for this programme required me to write a total of 7 essays, ranging from personal statements to my academic interests. This year, more than 50,000 students applied all across the world, and as many as 1,259 were accepted. Having the opportunity to learn from the experts on the subject that I want to explore outside of school, while also having to do my chosen activities/extracurriculars outside class hours gave me a challenging experience, both academically and socially. This 30 hours in-class (excluding homework hours) programme covered the intersection between start-ups, entrepreneurship and intellectual property(IP) law. In this class, I was exposed to the IP litigation landscape that start-ups face using actual litigation matters. I also learned about the basics of contract instruments which allow sharing of IP with entities outside of start-ups while protecting the IP of the start-up. The completion of this course made me able to perform basic legal research, understand the basic case law and interpret basic legal documents, such as patent applications and simple confidentiality agreements, which are relevant to start-ups during their funding and growth periods.  Not only that, I managed to build connections with similarly purpose-driven individuals from different cultural backgrounds which allowed me to share our different perspectives and opinions on the issue that we are discussing. It’s indeed a remarkable experience that changed a lot of parts of me for the better and I am grateful to be given this opportunity. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my parents who have shown continuous support throughout the application process. Additionally, Mr. Martin, Ms. Ria and Ms. Dyah have also played a crucial role in my application by providing the supporting materials. Without their support, this wouldn’t have been possible.  Lastly, this is a call for you who are currently in freshman or junior year to explore a range of courses that you could never have had the chance to explore at the high school level. Additionally, it is a great way to fill your summer holiday by being productive while also having fun meeting people all across the world. If you would like to try stepping into the Harvard yard, staying at Lowell/Dunster House and studying inside the famous Widener Library(which definitely gives off Harry Potter and all the aesthetic vibes), absolutely do it!
Cindhita Annisa Grade 12 DP

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